You’re not who you say you are, or even who you want to be. You are really the impact you make on the world around you.

If you see yourself making a bigger impression, changing the game in your space, making a real difference and co-creating the universe – please watch this message from iconic thought leader Randy Gage

If you’re a thought leader, speaker, author, coach, consultant, information entrepreneur, political figure, or lead a non-profit – and you want to become a real agent of change – then it’s important that you reach the people who need to hear your message.

You need to define who you are and what you offer. Attract your unique tribe and then interact with them. Discover ways to amplify your message and expand the tribe. Create platforms to deliver that message. And then monetize your practice, so you are able to sustain progress and create a lasting effect.

It’s not enough to write a great book. People need to read it.

It’s not enough to craft a moving speech. People need to hear it.

It’s not enough to change the game. (Or the planet.) People have to want to become a part of what you’re doing.

And in today’s world, there may be no better person on earth to teach you how to bring your message to the masses, than Randy Gage. He rose from modest beginnings to become a worldwide agent of change. Yes, he has sold millions of books and other learning resources, and is one of the most in-demand speakers, coaches and consultants on the planet. Yes, he’s built a successful worldwide brand and a multi-million-dollar practice. But most importantly…

Randy is making an impact.

And he can show you how to do the same.

Now Randy is conducting a deep-dive, multi-day Boot Camp on how to build your tribe and make an impact. This extraordinary event is called simply…

February 21-24, 2018
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Imagine being on stage, with thousands of people chanting your name, fixated on your every word. You gaze out at the arena with power, confidence, and elation – knowing that the very words you are speaking are transforming the lives of those listening.

Imagine waking up to an email from your publisher, advising you that your latest book has debuted on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly and USA Today bestseller lists. Knowing that what you have written is going to make an impact.

Imagine being regarded as the definitive expert in your field. The author of the seminal book in the space, consulting to the benchmark companies in your industry, helping them get even better.

Imagine jetting off to Hawaii, or Tahiti, or Fiji, to conduct a Retreat for your high-level coaching clients. Enjoying the prosperity you’ve worked so hard for, yet still making a difference for your tribe.

Or imagine staying home, but streaming a video seminar, reaching out to thousands of people around the world.

Imagine building a practice so that even when you’re relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones, your website is raking in orders 24/7 from around the globe, getting your work out to the people who need it.

Imagine that this is not imagination, but it is your actual career. Because what I’ve described above is Randy’s career. And it can become yours, if you desire it.

If you are a:

Thought Leader


Political Leader




Information Entrepreneur



Non-Profit Director

This is the must-attend event for you.

You’ll learn more in four days than you could gather in ten years trying to figure it out for yourself. You’ll understand how to attract a tribe, connect with them, and then galvanize them into real action. Then you’ll discover how to develop that relationship in a way that empowers them – and allows you to be financially rewarded. (Because if you’re not successful, you can’t help anyone else.)

Take a look at the content break down, what you will learn, and why that’s important for your success:

How to Attract Your Tribe…

In one of the very first segments, Randy will reveal the psychological drivers that cause people to join, participate with (and proactively recruit for), a movement or tribe. He’ll reveal the glue that binds tribes together and the higher purpose that empowers people to become evangelical advocates for you and the work you do.

You’ll discover how to position your work in the best possible way, to attract the people who will benefit the most from it. You’ll see how to create true buy-in, where people become card-carrying members of your tribe, eagerly promoting you and your work. Most importantly, how to do this with integrity; devoid of pretense, manipulation, or deceit.

Defining Your Expertise and IP…

You can’t be an expert to everyone. You need to have a tightly-targeted niche. This market is the people you can do the most good for. It’s not enough to be considered an expert any longer. In your niche market, you must be perceived as the definitive expert in the space. And ideally, a thought leader.

And you don’t become a thought leader by adding the title to your website or simply declaring it. You have to earn the title by the work you do. Thought leaders create controversy, shake up beliefs, change thinking, and power debate. They make people grind their molars. Sometimes they are bold and brash; sometimes they are quiet and compelling. But the one thing they all do, is make you think in ways you’ve never thought before.

In this fascinating session, Randy will share how you position and brand yourself as the definitive expert, and then become the thought leader in your space. He’ll include practical application – to show you the specific behaviors thought leaders practice, and his exact criteria that determines whether or not you make the cut.

Next, Randy will explain the importance of, and the process for creating Intellectual Property (IP). To really make a difference, you have to write the book no one else in the world could write. Or present the speech no one else in the world can give. Or create something no one else has ever offered before. IP is what transforms you from a commodity competing with everyone else, to a sought-after sage. You don’t have to chase after business, it chases you.


If you want to be influential, you must be willing to be influenced. You have to be open to serious critical thinking about your own beliefs. You must always be willing to question the premise. Because if a premise is wrong, everything that follows from that premise will be wrong.

And you can’t simply be a contrarian. Because if you’re automatically a contrarian, you’re in the easiest group to manipulate, and likeliest to draw bad conclusions.

If you really want to make a difference and influence others, one of the first things you have to do is teach people how to think. Actually think.

We have an entire education system from kindergarten through masters programs that teaches people what to think. To memorize facts that any eight-year-old can access on their smartphone. But they aren’t taught how to think. As a thought leader you have to make people think, and make them think about things in a way they have never thought about them before.

The other important element is challenging people. I believe the biggest mistake many wannabe thought leaders make is trying to be popular. They tell people what they want to hear. And no coach or leader helps people by doing that.

Humans have an astonishing capacity for denial and self-delusion. One of the best gifts you can provide them is to not buy into their bullshit. Don’t pander to people. Cause them to think differently, think bigger and better.

Likewise, if you really want to become a thought leader, you need to have IP. There are too many “experts” who are simply giving book reports on hot-trendy topics. Your followers have already read those books anyway. They want to know what you think.

The world doesn’t need the female Tony Robbins, Peruvian Brian Tracy, or the gay Zig Ziglar. (Although you have to admit that last one would be interesting…) They need the unique, authentic, and highest version of YOU.

And you need to have IP…

Okay you teach personality types. There are 20,000 other speakers and consultants offering the same expertise. Simply labeling yours as shapes instead of colors, or animals instead of categories doesn’t bring anything new and revolutionary to the table. (Unless you’re doing it in such a magical, entertaining way like Connie Podesta.)

The world doesn’t need any more people telling the Roger Bannister four-minute-mile story, the starfish story, or rehashing the key points from Good to Great.

The world needs fresh, critical thinkers who help us see things in new and additional ways. You need to offer your 5-step process for _____, the 7 critical elements of ____, or your patented procedure for creating ____. At TRIBAL, I’ll reveal my own process for developing unique IP, and how you monetize it after you do.

– RG

Branding and Positioning…

It’s amazing how much your branding and positioning influences the impact you have, and the level of success you reach. Randy will guide you how to select your defining area of expertise, and what platforms will allow you to best showcase them.

At TRIBAL you’ll learn:


Why you should never list yourself as a speaker, seminar leader, or author


How to create a brand from the ground up, attaching perceptions and emotions to it


How social media blows up everything you thought you knew about branding


Why you should never turn on ad revenues on your YouTube videos


How to position yourself as the definitive expert in your space


Why your logo, tag line, or corporate colors are not your brand


The psychological factors that cause people to view your brand in the way it applies specifically to them

While you cannot control your brand, you can dramatically influence it. And two of the best ways to do that, are social media and traditional media.

Randy is one of the most effective people on the planet in terms of utilizing social media to monetize his work. He has trended worldwide on platforms like Twitter and Periscope, has more than two million views on his YouTube channel, and a huge footprint on many other social media platforms.

Nobody wants to follow someone who simply broadcasts product pitches and affiliate links. Randy will reveal his exact social media practice (yes, he does his own posts), so you can learn how to engage and add value, building your reach. You’ll find out which platforms are best for you. And how to become a social media superstar – without having to become a tech geek, or spend half your life doing it.

Randy has also appeared on the biggest traditional media platforms in the world. At the Boot Camp he’ll show you how to get the attention of editors, producers, and bookers. Then you’ll learn real-world tips on becoming regularly featured with them. Third party coverage like this is the ultimate positioning, and it gives you credibility that can be achieved no other way.

Another key element we will explore here is the role of STORY. The best branding, position and marketing of any kind is always about telling stories. To really co-create the universe, you must create a story about what you do and how it improves the lives of those it touches.

This is true for every product, service and movement in the world – from dish soap to keynote speeches, automobile tires to bestselling books, consulting services to worldwide movements. It’s all about the story. At TRIBAL, you’ll learn how to craft stories around what you offer.

Developing Products and Services to Offer…

Another large block of time at the event will be devoted to how you monetize your expertize. That could be a New York Times bestseller, or an executive retreat you conduct. It may be a video or audio album, or a personalized coaching program. It could be an online learning platform, speeches, seminars, digital products, or million-dollar consulting contracts.

Or ideally, all of the above…

Randy is a proficient and highly successful content developer, having twice built multi-million-dollar information marketing businesses. He has authored more than 75 books, audio albums, video albums, and other information products, which have been licensed internationally, translated into 25 languages, and sold millions of copies.

And it’s not just physical products. Randy has an online learning platform with some of the highest retention in the medium, and numerous eBooks and other digital products. He gets 7-figure consulting contracts and runs hugely successful coaching programs. As you probably know, Randy is one of the most sought-after speakers on the international circuit, and was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

Randy is one of the world’s preeminent experts on monetizing your content. He will show you exactly how to create a lucrative product and service menu to showcase your work, provide value to your tribe, and produce ongoing income for you.

The product and service development sessions
will include specific segments on:

Crafting keynote speeches, workshops and seminars

Promoting public events

Writing books

Creating audio and video albums

Promoting coaching/mentoring programs

Developing an online learning platform

Offering membership websites

Creating long-term retainer consulting contracts

Licensing your content in other languages

Offering digital versions of all your products

Here’s the most important thing you need to know. We will not be talking about churning out mediocre, ham-and-egger products. Randy isn’t going to waste your time teaching you how to be number one on Amazon for two minutes, or sell a $12 book with $3,456,718.67 worth of bonuses. There are lots of people who can teach you that bosh. Randy isn’t one of them.

At this event, we’ll be looking at how you develop “evergreen” products – perennial bestsellers that stand the test of time. Randy has authored 11 books, all of them bestsellers, two of them New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. One, that wasn’t a NYT bestseller, has sold more than two million copies. More importantly, all his books are still selling today, some in 3rd or 4th editions and some in the the 25th or 30th printing.

At TRIBAL, you’ll discover how to produce brilliant work, which cements your legacy, and really impacts your tribe in a transformational way. Once you cross this barrier, your cash flow stabilizes and you have the freedom and platform to continue to develop and author more magnificent content. It’s a vicious cycle of good…

Stop giving speeches. Start creating experiences.

Stop writing books. Start taking people on adventures.

Stop offering services. Start providing transformations.

If you really want to make an impact, it’s not about churning out products to build cash flow. It’s about developing “must have” resources that make a difference for people. Books, audios, and videos that stand the test of time. Consulting services or coaching programs that create real, tangible and measurable change for the people and organizations that buy them. That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do at TRIBAL.

Monetizing and Marketing…

Remember, if you’re not making money for you and your team, your work will die. And the people who need your expertise, guidance and help will never receive it.

You need to create a robust, lucrative and residual cash flow for your practice – to allow you to continue and make a massive impact on the planet.

Randy has had numerous consulting retainer contracts in excess of a million dollars and he routinely conducts speaking programs for $60,000 to $95,000. He sells out opera houses and has spoken to more than two million people live. What he knows about marketing is a lot – and it can help you earn millions of dollars in your business. Really.

A predominant amount of time at TRIBAL will be dedicated to the marketing processes, systems and strategies you need to employ to build your business. Randy will demonstrate some live campaigns, show you case studies, and include numerous Hot Seats on marketing.

If the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars – he will actually launch a new product live during the event as a case study. You’ll follow along live as the sales start streaming in.

Here are some of the key deliverables you can expect to absorb during the marketing segments. You will learn how to:

  • Build your website to facilitate online buying;
  • Design landing pages for individual products and service funnels;
  • Develop a branded YouTube channel;
  • Post on social media in a way that drives traffic which can convert into sales;
  • Market speeches, seminars and public events;
  • Ink million-dollar-plus retainer consulting contracts;
  • Employ direct mail to drive revenue;
  • Offer coaching and mentoring programs;
  • Conduct live streaming and webcasts to juice up product and service sales;
  • Create “magalogs” and speech handouts to sell products; and,
  • Write killer, throat-grabbing, crawl-naked-over-broken-glass-to-throw-money-at-you copy!

Regarding that last point, expect to do some late-night copy writing exercises…

People in the know regard Randy as one of the best copywriters on earth. And he realizes that every marketing piece you have, will live or die on the strength of the copy writing. So you will go through a mini copywriting college during the Boot Camp.

You’ll also leave with a workbook and lots of samples of actual marketing from Randy. These resources by themselves are priceless.


Authors tell me all the time, “I just want to write and let the publisher sell the books.” Sorry, publishers don’t have a fucking clue how to sell books. That’s why 98% of all the books they publish lose money. Think of publishers as printers, and bookstores (and Amazon) as warehouses. If you want your book to sell, YOU need to let the world know why they should be buying it.

Same thing with speakers. They say things like, “I just want to be on the platform, doing my thing and have someone else get bookings for me.” Sorry, that dog don’t hunt. If you’re a speaker (or coach, or consultant), YOU are the product and no one in the world will be able to better present what you have to offer than you.

Don’t get me wrong: You shouldn’t be making cold calls, chasing after prospects, or begging for business. And certainly not posting pitches on social media.

But you need to learn how to get your work in the public eye, create real value, build a tribe, and create a steady stream of candidates, looking into your product funnel. Then you need to have websites, landing pages, mobile apps, catalogs, and lots of easy, seamless ways that people who like your work can spend money with you.

If you believe you can simply lock yourself in your study creating content, waiting for the world to discover you, you shouldn’t attend TRIBAL. It’s not for you.

– RG

Hot Seats…

These segments will be interspersed throughout the event, to match the topics being covered. In these audience favorite sessions, Randy will select a volunteer and bring them onstage for live coaching and critique. They become a teaching example for the room, helping them actually implement what they just learned, while everyone watches.

Some examples of these critiques you can expect at TRIBAL are book concepts, website design, social media channels, blogs, speech topics, product titles, and coaching programs. (So if you want to be selected for a Hot Seat, please come prepared with any necessary collateral materials.)

Being selected for a Hot Seat is a powerful learning experience for you. However, you may find you learn more from this segment if you are not selected. It’s just human nature to be defensive. When you’re in the audience watching the critiques of others, you can separate from your defenses and emotions – and more rationally extrapolate how you can apply the strategies discussed in your own situation.

In every single previous program Randy has conducted, the attendees ranked the Hot Seats as the top sessions, for seeing how to implement the teaching into their own business.

But please understand that while Randy is a true mad genius, he has the social skills of an eggplant…

Sometimes he gets so caught up in the excitement of the concept he is creating, he forgets the social niceties and decorum. And he swears like a drunken sailor. So if you don’t have rock-solid self-esteem, or you’re easily offended, please don’t volunteer for one of these!

Quick Takes…

There are some other items we will cover at the Boot Camp.  Maybe they’re not earth shattering and don’t need whole segments.  But they are important enough that Randy wanted them included, to make sure you’re aware of these situations.  Some of these “quick takes” will include:

Road Warrior Strategies

Tips on how to: pack carry-on only, get into any airline lounge, work the frequent flier & hotel guest programs, and just generally make the travel that our profession usually entails less stressful on your mindset and body. The book you write in your private suite on the Emirates A380 is a better one than the one you’d produce from the middle seat on United.


Security Approaches

Unfortunately, doing what we do makes you a public figure, and in today’s world, that means additional security issues. Overzealous fans can invade your privacy and bother your family. Criminals follow your social media accounts to victimize you, mentally ill people will stalk you, and you become a ripe target for scams and identity theft. You’ll learn some important things you can do to keep you and your loved ones safer.

Social Media Savvy

Resources like Facebook streaming, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms have completely disrupted the game for influencers everywhere. You cannot ignore them and remain relevant. Virtually all of your potential clients – whether it’s companies looking for consulting, people thinking about attending a seminar, or meeting planners and bureaus looking for speakers – are probably going to check your social media pages first. Producers, editors and even publishers will make judgments about you based on your posts. At TRIBAL, Randy will reveal how to best portray yourself on these platforms, how to budget time for them, and how you can monetize your offerings, while still providing great value to followers.

Logistics and Support

The truth is, while you do all your brilliant creative endeavors and are the face of the franchise to the world – you need a Pepper Potts or a dream team that handles the day-to-day operational issues. Randy has operated as a large company with many employees in-house, and then switched to the outsource-everything-and-work-from-my-laptop-under-a-palm-tree business model. He’ll share his experience with both models, to help you determine which one is right for you.

Working Internationally

The overseas markets for speaking, coaching and consulting are exploding right now.  This segment will give you some much-needed tips on working with interpreters, handling grueling itineraries, getting visas, and dealing with cultural differences.

When, Where, Etc.…

As you’ve probably deduced by now, this isn’t a keynote speech or even a concentrated seminar. It is a four-day Boot Camp covering the most critical information, systems, and processes you need to expand your influence and make a bigger dent in the universe. It will be demanding and intense. We’ll start each day at 9 am (or earlier if we get behind schedule) and go until late each night.

The dates are February 21st through the 24th. The event starts on Wednesday, and runs day and night through Saturday. You should schedule to arrive on Tuesday February 20, and depart on Sunday, February 25. DON”T book flights out on Saturday or you will miss many hours of extremely critical content.

TRIBAL will be held at a beautiful resort on Fort Lauderdale beach area. The weather is exquisite that time of year, and the tropical energy is great for brainstorming. We’re finalizing details on the room block now and will send you that information when you register. You can fly into Fort Lauderdale or Miami, as it is within 20 miles.

Your registration investment will include a continental breakfast, refreshments and lunch each day. One of the most powerful benefits of an event of this magnitude is the networking. The people attending are some of the brightest minds on the planet. We’re setting up the dining areas to facilitate some table masterminds.

Then you’ll be on your own with a two-hour break for dinner each night. That will allow you to get room service and process info, or arrange a private dinner with a few key people that you want to brainstorm with on specific topics.


  • You think this computer trend is about to blow over and you don’t need to learn how to utilize technology
  • You think social media is only for your grandkids
  • You believe your only job is to create amazing content and aren’t responsible or willing to help get it out into the world


  • You have brilliance the world hasn’t seen yet
  • You have a story no one else can tell
  • You have yet more genius to unleash

TRIBAL will be an intense, inspirational session, to help you find your true voice, and the courage to share it! You will discover how to connect with your tribe on a soul-to-soul level, building a lifetime bond. This is solid, actionable content from someone who has done it, and is still doing it on a daily basis.

A Special Message from Randy…

Making Money and Making a Difference

If you’re wondering if you should be at TRIBAL, ask yourself two very simple, but very profound, questions.

1. How many lives are you changing?
2. What legacy will you leave behind?

I ask, because at some point (if it hasn’t already), those will be the questions that matter most to you. You won’t be counting the bookings on the calendar, what number you hit on the New York Times list, or how many Twitter followers you have.  Your most important consideration each day will become, “Am I making a difference?”

But here’s the funny thing…

If you’re not bringing in at least a million or two dollars a year in your business – you’re probably not really making an impact.

And I’m sorry if that offends you.  I’m just being real.  Please allow me to explain why we’re using money as a measuring stick. Because that’s really all it is.

Here’s why…

If you’re posting YouTube videos and/or writing blogs, but not really getting any traction, you’re probably struggling to get by.  Maybe even working a day job to fund your work.  How many people are you really reaching?

If you’re speaking 60 or 80 times a year, but you’re doing it for a fee less than $5,000 – you’re not in a position of great influence. You’re probably doing a lot of rubber chicken luncheons where the speaker is an afterthought, and mostly in front of small crowds in breakout rooms. You’re briefly in a few people’s consciousness, then you move on to the next program, and they go on with their life.

If you are writing amazing books, but they’re not bestsellers and don’t stay in print, they’re the tree falling in the forest that no one hears.

If you’re really making an impact:

  • You’re speaking regularly at high fees, in front of large audiences;
  • Conferences and conventions are built around your appearance;
  • You are a trusted advisor or consultant with the benchmark companies in your area of expertise;
  • Reporters and producers are regularly calling for your opinion on current events; 
  • You’re connecting with your tribe, helping them achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations; and,
  • You are touching thousands or even millions of people on a daily basis, through social media, your website, and learning resources.

When you give value, you are rewarded in multiples of that. You do the arithmetic. If you are really making a difference as a speaker, author, coach, consultant, turnaround expert, thought leader, etc. – that translates into at least a million dollars a year in revenues. That’s just the way the universe works.

I don’t say that to be judgmental or insulting, or mean to belittle the fact that you can help people even if you’re speaking for free to an audience of ten. You can.

What I’m saying is that when you’re bringing in large revenues, it tells you that you’ve created a big enough platform to truly make a difference to a lot of people – and you’re doing it from a position of authority and credibility.

And making that difference, creating that change – has to be the compelling, consuming, and all-encompassing reason you do the work you do. Full stop.

You have to know that what you do makes a difference. You must believe that your message has to get out, or you’ll explode. If that’s you, then TRIBAL is for you.

The ironic thing of all this of course, is that if you’re like me, you’d probably do it all for free.

But because of the way the laws of prosperity work, you end up making millions of dollars. You’ll get the prime spots on convention programs, repeat bookings soar, you spin off meaty consulting projects, and develop a library of books, videos, audios and other resources that generate passive residual income 24/7.

If you’re not there yet, but believe you should be, then this Boot Camp is your opportunity to learn how to build a multi-million dollar practice and influence millions around the world.

Finally, let me tell you why I’m conducting TRIBAL, and why I want you to make a lot of money and become successful.  We’ve talked a lot about co-creating the universe, making a difference and making the world a better place.  I’m all in for that.

But I don’t want you (or anyone else) to come to the event because your main motivation is some abstract greater good.

I want you there because you have to be there.  You have brilliance yet untapped, genius yet unleashed, and a message you have to deliver to the world.

If that’s you – welcome to TRIBAL.  We’re going to do amazing things together!


Who’s this Guy?

He rose from a minimum wage dishwasher to multi-millionaire…

He’s a high school dropout, who became a bestselling author in 25 languages…

He went from a jail cell as a teen, to inspiring millions around the world.

His name is Randy Gage and he believes. He believes you were born to be rich, people want to be inspired, and conventions should rock. He believes books are magic, blogs can change the world, and a keynote speech can change someone’s life forever. He believes boring is criminal, risky is the new safe, and mediocrity is a sin. He believes in his work, because he believes the world is only improved by people who do.

Randy’s made millions of dollars as a speaker, coach, author and consultant. He has reached the preeminent level of positioning and success in his market niches. And he has personally coached some of the highest achievers in those professions to hone their message, connect with their own tribes and create lucrative streams of monetization.


These days, Randy’s all about making a difference. A guy who has moved from success to significance. He is driven by a mission to help other people of influence make a bigger difference.

Randy is a thought-provoking critical thinker who will make you approach your mission in a whole new way. And he’s uniquely qualified, probably better than anyone else on earth, to lead the TRIBAL event. Randy doesn’t do book reports or abstract theories. At the Boot Camp, he’ll reveal his real-world examples and case studies of exactly how he has achieved his extraordinary results.

When he’s not prowling the podium or locked in his lonely writer’s garret, you’ll probably find him reading, binging on Sci-Fi, or playing 3rd base for a softball team somewhere.

What’s the Investment?

Does it really matter? The kind of information you will learn at TRIBAL is priceless.  It’s impossible to calculate the upside potential, but if you’re the kind of person who is coachable and follows through, it can be in the millions of dollars.  But in any event, it still comes down to giving you a number.

We’ve worked hard on this decision.  Wanting to make it workable for the serious people who want to attend.  And at the same time, screen out the posers and tire kickers.  Randy is usually speaking to convention centers with thousands in the audience.  So he relishes the opportunity to do smaller groups with serious interaction like this.  And it’s important that the group is suitable size for great networking, collaboration, etc., but not too large for Hot Seats and audience participation.  So we’ve set the investment price at only $10,000 per person.

Your investment includes:
– Attending the entire event;
– All handouts and working materials;
– Continental breakfasts;
– Morning and afternoon refreshments;
– Networking luncheons;
– A complete, unedited audio album of the program; and,
– One-year membership into Randy’s Breakthrough U

This is an extraordinary bargain for you.  Simply the networking alone with the players you’ll find at TRIBAL would be worth the investment.  The workbook will keep providing value to you for years.  Approximately one month after the live event, you’ll receive a complete audio album of the event, recorded live and unedited.  This way you can experience the ongoing value for years.

And your complimentary membership in Randy’s Breakthrough U Coaching program will help you implement everything you learn at TRIBAL, and provide ongoing guidance on how to best apply it.  This program includes a monthly brief about influence from Randy, and a live, interactive monthly webinar.  So you have the opportunity for Q&A and other feedback.  And you’ll also receive four personal email consultations with Randy.  That’s a complete year of personal coaching after the event, to help you achieve the maximum results.

One of the most rewarding and beneficial elements of an event like this is the networking and brainstorming you get to conduct with the other attendees.  For the crowd we’ll have here, that alone would be worth your entire investment.  You are responsible for your own dinners, lodging and any travel to and from the event.

But above everything else, your best return on investment might come from the workbook you receive at the event! This is packed with actual samples of sales letters, brochures, book proposals, recommended resources, social media promo cards, etc. that Randy has used successfully. This is a priceless treasure trove of authentic case studies, marketing materials and templates you’ll be using for many years to come.

Remote Learning Program…

If you can’t attend the live event for any reason and would like to participate from your home or office, select the Remote Learning Program. You’ll receive a complete audio recording of the event, unedited, exactly as it took place, and the handouts and workbook.

This option also includes the one-year follow up membership in Randy’s Breakthrough U Coaching Program, so you’ll receive the monthly Briefs, live monthly webinars, and the four electronic consultations. You can experience the Remote Learning Program for only $4,000.

The $1 Million Dollar Guarantee…

Come to TRIBAL and experience the first day and a half. Participate for all of Wednesday, and till the dinner break on Thursday. If those initial sessions don’t convince you that staying through the whole program will add at least $1,000,000 to your sales within two years, let the staff know you are leaving. Keep your workbook and other materials. If you aren’t absolutely confident that the training will earn you an extra $1 million dollars – Randy won’t accept your money.

It’s a simple equation. Invest $10,000 plus your expenses to get there, to learn how to leverage it into at least a cool million. If you don’t see it happening, get your refund and go home. There’s no catch, hidden rules, or fine print. The decision is yours and yours alone.

If you select the Remote Learning Option, you also have the $1 million guarantee. Once you receive the audio albums and materials, “test drive” them for 60 days. If you’re not 100% convinced that you can generate at least $1 million dollars in additional revenue from what you’re learning, simply return the set and get an unconditional refund. Like the live event, there is no catch or fine print. The decision is yours and yours alone.


If cash flow is an issue, you can finance the program over a year. That gives you a chance to immediately apply what you learned, and use your additional revenues to pay for the course.

Any Discounts?

If you are a member of Randy’s Breakthrough U program, or you are a previous attendee at one of his past Boot Camps or Speakers Institutes, you can attend for half price.

As we mentioned, the networking at an event like this is highly beneficial. For that reason, we’re extending a few other discounts, to heighten the caliber of attendees at the live event…

If you are a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, or you have authored a book that has reached the top 25 on the New York Times bestseller list, you also can attend for half price. Those are the only discounts available and you must be able to show you qualify.

Scholarships Program…

To help the next generation of agents of change, Randy is offering five scholarships for TRIBAL. To qualify, you must be 25 years of age, or younger.

To apply, please email Lornette (@), a Word document of 800 words or less – and tell us what good you would do with what you will learn at TRIBAL. If selected, you’ll receive full attendance, breakfast, refreshments and lunches, handouts and workbook. You’ll be responsible for your dinners, hotel and any travel. These scholarships are awarded solely at Randy’s discretion. He will choose the people he believes will make the best impact on the planet with what he teaches them.

Still Not Sure If TRIBAL Is Right for You? Ask Them.

Check out the thoughts from some of the high-level achievers that have worked with Randy and attended his earlier Institutes and Boot Camps:

“Randy Gage is always ahead of the curve. You may have heard of the bleeding edge, well Randy has been known to cause that bleed. If you are looking to expand your influence in any way, and make sense of the crazy world of communication and tribe building, run, don’t walk to work with him.”

JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D.

Founder of the MorningCoach podcast
(Over 22 million downloads)

“The strategies I learned and applied at Randy’s Institutes and Masterminds nearly a decade ago are still creating cash flow for me today.

Now that’s what I called an incredible ROI.”

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Author of the bestseller, Conquer Fear
RX Success, Inc.

“Success in business is all about making an impact! And Randy Gage is a genius at teaching others how to magnify their impact. He is brilliant at authorship, product development, marketing, social media, and speaking. If you get a chance to work with him, jump at it.”

Laura Stack

Former president, National Speakers Association
Author, FASTER TOGETHER: Accelerating Your Team’s Productivity

“Most of us know that in order to dramatically increase your chances of attaining a big goal, you don’t reinvent the wheel, but instead learn from someone who has both been there and done that (bonus if they’ve done so with huge success), and has proven that they can teach it to others, as well (bonus if they’ve done so with huge success). Randy Gage is that man. I’ve known him for over 25 years and have seen not only his magnificent accomplishments but know so many others whose lives – along with my own – have benefited from his immense wisdom and ongoing guidance.

If you TRULY want to create an environment for your success, beat the rush and get into his Boot Camp. But, don’t expect to be coddled. This guy knows his stuff and holds nothing back. If you’re ready to accept that, and ready to begin the journey to maximizing your potential, then take this next step. It might be the most profitable one you’ve ever taken.”

Bob Burg

Coauthor of The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Influencer

“Randy Gage has been the single biggest influence in my professional life. Our company, WhizBang! Retail Training, was struggling to find a way to connect with the independent retailers we wanted to serve. My wife Susan and I went to the Speakers Institute and everything changed. We left with a deep understanding of what needed to be done and a specific plan to get it done.

Randy was great, and the event itself was amazing, directly or indirectly introducing us to almost every person who had a major influence on the success of our business since then. If you want to take your career to the next level, don’t miss this event!”

Bob Negen

Co-Founder, WhizBang! Retail Training

“In reflecting on my 25 years as a professional speaker, I attribute my biggest growth to attending Randy Gage’s Speakers Institute. The content-packed days flew by and I became more energized every hour.

After 5 days with Randy, I came home and created a Strategic Plan notebook that we still refer to today. I compiled the following sections, with action items assigned to specific individuals on our team: Strategy / Philosophy, Workshop Ideas, Marketing, Product Development, Web site ideas, Writing Articles, Education Resources, and E-zine.

I learned everything from specific questions to ask to facilitate good decisions to where I should be focusing my effort and what I should delegate.

What I did not expect was to learn more about my Prosperity Consciousness and how it impacted my business success. That alone changed my mindset on making money and opened up substantial possibilities. Randy stretched my brain and inspired my soul. His teachings are the foundation you need to grow your business and guide you into a successful and profitable future.”

Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

Randy’s fan club president, Fan Experience Expert, 7 Star Service
2015-2016 President, National Speakers Association

“I’ve been a transformational trainer, business consultant and coach for more than 20 years. Randy’s unique approach to breaking through limiting beliefs has allowed me to take my craft and talents to a whole new level. Results? A new book in the works, my keynote speaking style has elevated to new heights, and my whole perspective of being a world class Influencer has taken off. You would be crazy to miss out in this unique boot camp with one of the masters. Don’t miss it!”

Jorge Melendez

Transformational Trainer, Business Consultant and Coach

“After making nearly five million pounds in my UK information publishing business I confess I thought I knew it all. But people I trusted kept telling me to see the incredible Randy Gage if ever I had a chance. It was inconvenient. I had to fly to the States and take 4 days away from my business. But I went for it.

What a life changer and what an extraordinary guy. Just ONE idea Randy gave me made me $750,000 NET! I took away a notebook crammed with money-making gems which I use to this day. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to see Randy in action, then grab it.”

Stuart Goldsmith

Author: The Midas Method, 7 Secrets of the Millionaires, The Inner Circle and many more.

“Several programs with Randy helped enormously with speaking and writing about ideas. Now I’ve moved into the different and more difficult arena of actually implementing them. I’ve found the lessons learned over the years from Randy are practical and relevant no matter what tools you use to influence your world. I encourage you to invest in yourself, there is no greater ROI.”

Ian Percy

CPAE, entrepreneur and possibility expert


Can I bring my spouse or business partner with me to the event?

Yes, they may join you for only $3,000 additional. They will receive the workbook and handouts, but cannot participate in Hot Seats and won’t receive the audio album after the event.

How should I schedule my travel plans for the event?

Fort Lauderdale and South Florida is spectacular at this time of year, with stunning beaches, Ocean Drive, palm trees, and culture. But you will have ZERO time during the Boot Camp to enjoy any of that. So if you want to sightsee, arrive a few days early, or plan to stay a few days extra. We’ve made room block arrangements with the host hotel.

The event will start on Wednesday, February 21st and run day and night through Saturday, February 24th. You need to arrive on Tuesday, February 20. Schedule your departure on Sunday, February 25th.

Is this a good program for public speakers?

No. But it is a great program for professional speakers.

Are there budget hotels nearby the host hotel?

No, not really. We’re doing the event at one of Randy’s favorite oceanfront resorts. He chose this venue because the views are spectacular, the food is amazing and the energy and vibe of the place will fuel your creative energy. Just being in the host hotel mingling with the other participants will supercharge your brainstorming breakthroughs. If you cannot afford the hotel room for those nights, TRIBAL may not be right for you.

If I’m an author, will I benefit from the program?

If you write romance novels, probably not. But if you write books to make a difference and want to sell more of them and ensure they have a bigger impact – you need to be at the event.

What’s Next?

Well if you’re still reading this far down, there are only two possibilities: Number one, you’re a very lonely person with a great deal of time on your hands. And you find reading all this more fun than watching The Walking Dead. If this is the case, TRIBAL isn’t for you.

Or possibility number two…

You’re still here because you have a message to tell or a movement to lead – and you know this event can unlock the process for how you do it in an epic way. So don’t wait. The spaces are limited. Once they’re gone, they’re way gone.

If cash flow is an issue, choose the one-year payment plan. And remember, you have no risk in this. Come to the event. Sit through the first day and a half. If you don’t see how you can actually apply what you’ve learned thus far and bring in at least $1 million in revenues, keep your workbook and go home with a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and one million dollars to gain.

There’s really nothing more to say. We’re not interested to “sell” you. You know if the event is right for you. And if it is, lock in your spot now.

P.S. This is very likely the one and only time Randy will ever conduct this event. You will never find a program dedicated to increasing your impact that has more intensity, breakthrough training, and a higher return on your investment. TRIBAL can take five or even ten years off of your growth curve.

Spaces are limited. You have nothing to lose, because it’s backed by the unconditional, $1 million dollar satisfaction guarantee. So please don’t miss this opportunity. Lock in your spot today.